October 9, 2018

Information Security Services

Data nowadays is one of the most valuable assets for every organization. Keeping personal information can make or break a company. Therefore taking measures to secure data is a must-have for every organisation operating online. LogSentinel can help you to achieve a high level of information security providing the following consultation services:

IT Systems Audit

LogSentinel can create a full Information Security audit of all systems of the organization, scoping the functions and the type of the data used.

We will investigate the security measures already in place and will provide recommendations for improvement.

Risk and Impact Assessment

LogSentinel will make a risk assessment to ensure that your business is safe and secure.

Penetration Testing

LogSentinel will conduct penetration testing against your environment to analyze if there are any vulnerabilities threatening your applications or network and the level of risk they pose.

Data Protection

LogSentinel will provide recommendations how to avoid any vulnerabilities and improve the cyber security of your organization.

Privacy by Default

Our expert team will help you to safeguard your important business information from being corrupted, compromised or lost.

We will help you to reorganize your procedures, so you collect and process only the data required to achieve your purpose.

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